How we offer this

We have several phytotrons (cultivation chambers), which are modular. Due to the modular design, the hardware set up (lights, watering system, etc.) can be easily changed. Each existing cultivation chamber is remotely controlled and monitored.

All important parameters such as C02, temperature, etc. are monitored and controlled in real time. This results in maximum flexibility, Research a plant thus has the technical prerequisites to carry out every conceivable cultivation experiment on behalf of the customer.


To whom we offer

Supplier of the green industry

We offer you, as a supplier to the green industry, independent testing opportunities. This allows you to prove to your customer, through empirical research, what benefits your product has. From exposure solutions to fertilizers to plants, we can independently test your product.

At the end of a cultivation trial, you receive comprehensive documentation of the trial. This allows you to explain all the benefits to your customer in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

Green industry customers

Large investments are always associated with risk. For example, the market for lighting systems is unmanageable, or the selection of the right planting depends on your individual system. Test runs in your own operation strain budget and block valuable resources.

Your optimization research in our hands

Research a Plant offers you a solution that conserves your valuable resources. You can book supervised test runs with us and thus profit on several levels.

  • You do not block your own resources.
  • You minimize your risk
  • You benefit from 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation
  • You receive all relevant data of the test run
  • We provide you with your individual recipe for successful cultivation
  • We optimize your (current) production for you
  • Consulting for the implementation


We accompany them in the systematic search for new findings and take care of their analysis and documentation.



We support you in generating USPs for your product.


Long-term tests

We map complex long-term tests for you. You receive structured data to implement the tests in your system at any time.



We create constant boundary conditions which we maintain over the duration of the experiment. This allows the effects of individual parameters to be considered and analyzed in isolation.



We accompany them from their current ACTUAL situation to the desired TARGET situation. Everything from one source

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